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Jimmy Rose on America's Got Talent

This is message from one of our very loyal coal supporters, Sam Neace, reminding everyone to vote this week for Jimmy Rose on America’s Got Talent.

We would like to encourage everyone to call in on Tuesday September 3 and cast your vote for Jimmy Rose on America’s Got Talent. His song “Coal Keeps The Lights On”, has shed light on our hometown industry that has taken a major blow and has come under much criticism in the past few years. Help Jimmy achieve his dream while keeping ours alive as well. After Jimmy performs on Tuesday evening’s show, the show will give a specific toll free number that when dialed will cast a vote for Jimmy. The window to vote will begin at 10:55pm, at the end of the show, and will last about 2 hours. Votes can also be placed on the America’s Got Talent Vote Facebook page . Each Facebook user can vote a total of 10 times per week. Facebook users can vote anytime and do not have to call the toll free number. Remember, you can make 10 votes per week from every PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, AND FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

Cast your vote now by clicking this link https://apps.facebook.com/nbc-agt-vote/?fb_source=search&ref=br_tf

You can wait and make your vote via phone. Either way, cast your votes each week and remember, Coal has, does, and WILL ALWAYS keep the lights on.


Thanks for your support.


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